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Bye Kyle loves everything about video games ranging from genre to best-sellers!

Throughout the site, readers can find everything needed to get the best reviews of the latest online games in the gaming market. We evaluate games based on game reception, review scores by publications, genre, and game developer companies

Game Reception

Most reviews of online games are measured by Metacritic enabling the game developers to get an accurate scoring of their gaming product.

Review Scores

Publications like The Daily Telegraph and gaming fanatics can provide 1-5 star ratings of online games. One-star indicates a poor rating and a five-star rating indicates otherwise.


All video games are categorized by genre. This means that games similar in gameplay and attributes are grouped together. Some of the common genre examples can be action-adventure, battle royale, and role-playing games.

Game Developers

It’s always good to know that the online games you’re interested in are created by the best-rated game developer companies like Namco or Epic Games.

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