The Top Best-Selling Multiplayer PC Game Revealed

Everyone enjoys a good multiplayer game, especially if it’s a fight to the death kind of game. In this review, we touch on a very different genre of game called battle royale. This is a genre classified according to a combination of gaming elements. Introducing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PubG, with elements of survival, action, exploring, and scavenging capabilities.

PubG was developed and published by the PUBG Corporation. Released worldwide in 2018, it was made available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, and IOS platforms.

Last Man Standing

A maximum of a hundred players can play, either solo or in teams, land on a mapped island. With no weapons or equipment from the start of the game, players stealthily scrounge the island for tools and weapons.

The aim of the game is to kill opposing players in order to win each match. Individual matches can last up to 30 minutes. As each player is wiped out, surviving players can loot the bodies of their gear.

The map shrinks every few minutes of gameplay. This makes it harder for players to get to the safe zone timeously, ultimately resulting in player elimination. As the size of the map decreases, the player defeat stats increase. Alas, it becomes trickier to continue the deathmatch and the ending draws close.

Player Rewards and Game Reception

In-game currency is awarded to players based on the duration of survival, enemy kills, and damage dealt with players during matches. This currency enables players to buy cosmetic item bundles which enhance weapons and the like.

Becoming a Best-Seller

The earliest release of the game was in 2017 on certain platforms and in selected countries. Since 2017 until recently, it’s been nominated for multiple awards. Listed below are the awards won so far:

Best Multiplayer Game awarded twice at two different events

PC Game of the Year

Action Game of the Year

Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay

eSports Game of the Year

Excellence in Multiplayer

Trending Game of the Year

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