Why We Love Virtual World Games

Virtual world games made an appearance in the 80s but it’s taken the gaming industry by storm over recent years with new releases of online virtual world games. There is a lot of speculation over what the first online virtual world game was but in 1987, the first commercial virtual world game developed was Habitat. Below is a review of our favorite online virtual world game!

Virtual World


Nominated for various awards since 2017, Fortnite won two awards this year; People’s Voice Award for Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game and Best Ongoing Game. The game was made available for the following gaming platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, MacOS, and PlayStation 4.

Developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, it is a single-player and multiplayer game falling into the co-op virtual world survival genre.

Developers of Fortnite have said that the creation of the game was inspired by an idea of combining the gameplay elements of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. The art and design elements were combined settings from Gears of War and the Unreal series with an undertone of a Looney Tunes cartoon design to lessen the grim ambiance of the game.


After a treacherous storm strikes, the entire human population is almost wiped out. The survivors of the storm are faced with an onslaught of drudge-like creatures as a result. Survivors are quick to build a storm shield to get through the fight against the raging storm and creatures to save each other from further harm.


Players of this game can embark on different missions coupled with random maps. Each successful completion of the missions lets the players collect supplies, expand their weaponry, earn rewards, as well as upgrade their characters and teams.

At the end of 2017, Epic Games announced that Fortnite had over a million players since the huge success of digital pre-orders in July. Game players have reported that despite Fortnite being mostly free to play, the game is thoroughly enjoyed because it’s fun and exhilarating from start to finish.

Dive into the virtual world of Fortnite!

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